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Friends of Wildlife
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The Goal of Wildlife Rehabilitation

Mission Statement

Friends of Wildlife is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the emergency and extended care of orphaned or injured Michigan wildlife. Our goal is to rehabilitate these animals in a professional manner that allows them to return to their natural habitat and continue their lives in the manner of that species, independent of humans. We are licensed by and have a close working relationship with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. In addition to wildlife rehabilitation, we are vitally interested in education and the broader aspects of protecting and restoring the natural habitat of the world we share. Friends of Wildlife endorses the high standards set forth by the National Rehabilitators Association and the International Rehabilitators Council.

Rehabilitator's License

Friends of Wildlife trained volunteers are covered under the organization's license from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to rehabilitate wildlife. Volunteers sometimes receive calls from people who have found a wild animal and want to raise it themselves. It is better that wildlife to be turned over to Friends of Wildlife volunteers for several reasons: (1) It is illegal to possess any native Michigan wild animal without a rehabilitator's license and permit. (2) Wild animals that untrained people try to raise become too tame and lose their self-protecting fear of people. This is called imprinting. Imprinted wildlife allow predatory animals to get too close to them, which often results in capture and death. The process of raising young wildlife without imprinting is long and intensive. Our licensed volunteers are trained in the correct procedure. If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, please do the best for the wildlife and email Friends of Wildlife at friendsofwildlifeMI@gmail.com.